Friday, November 16, 2007

Successful eBay Business the Rock Star Way

You knew I was Fabulous, you knew I was Funky - but did you know that

I am a Rock Star?

Here is the reason that I chose success for my eBay business the Rock Star way. Last June, my daughter and I decided it was time to try out eBay Live, so off to Boston we went. This was at the urging of my friend Ann, who had attended eBay Live in Las Vegas and garnered a lot of ideas and help for her eBay business. Having sold as a sort of hobbiest for 10 years on eBay and watched my sales and my activity on eBay rise and fall, I knew that I wanted to take the next step and see just how successful I could be on eBay while trying to build a retirement nest egg at the same time.

At Ann's suggestion, I signed up for Stores 101, which was taught by the fabulous eBay guru, Janelle Elms. Janelle is a regular little red headed Dynamo! She immediately got my attention when she proclaimed that 99% of all eBay businesses are set up wrong. After 10 years of so-so selling, I knew that she was preaching the eBay gospel! I decided then and there to choose success for my own eBay business.

Janelle gave the class a link to sign up for her wonderful and informative newsletter. After returning home, I also ordered her series on Choosing Success and got started building my store on eBay.

After contacting the multi talented Jennifer at Sitting Boo Productions to design my store, Janieruth's Fabulous to Funky Finds was born. I started out implementing a few of Janelle's ideas about, Search Engine Optimization, Key Words, writing titles, naming your store, promoting yourself and dozens more. I was amazed at the depth of her knowledge about sales and also amazed at all of the things I had done wrong for 10 years. What an eye opening and growing experience.

Around the first of September, Janelle announced in her newsletter that she was seeking Beta Testers for her new site. I applied and was thrilled to be accepted as both a Roadie and then a Rock Star Promoter at the new site OSI Rock Stars. Since the site went live, I have attended dozens of hours of online success training and watched my business grow by leaps and bounds.

Some of the perks I have gotten from the site are -

My sales tripled in one month

I achieved Power Seller Status

My sell through rate rose by 20%

I saw my auctions on the first page of Google searches

I learned to put video in my auction and got top price for the item

I now have a network of friends who are also choosing success for their own eBay business

If you have decided to Choose Success for your own eBay business, come on over to OSI Rock Stars and take a free tour on me! Look around Back Stage and see the wealth of information gathered from some of the Power Sellers, Education Specialists, eBay Big Names and Gurus and people from all parts of the world who know business and how to grow it! Already there are over 50 hours of training podcasts and webinars for you to take advantage of and Janelle is adding more daily. Don't wait another day to Choose Success for yourself and your business, I am so glad that I met Janelle and you will be thrilled to be in on one of the best eBay education sites in the world!

Come on over and join me Back Stage click on either of the badges to enter

Choose Success and ROCK ON!


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